"Let's all get together to make JMA the best family of Jaipur"
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Vision of JMA
To make JMA as a big platform for all Doctors of Jaipur in the field of the education, latest technology, awareness and exposure to society. JMA always work to get together & united to make contribution in the society for its welfare, betterment and serve the needy and poor socioeconomic class of the society.

JMA building construction JMA is improving infrastructure of JMA campus, for that we are constructing a big hall of capacity of 500 persons to conduct CME and all other programs.

Join IMA
1. IMA is a forum for Friendship.
2. IMA is a forum for Learning.
3. IMA is a forum for Community Service.
4. IMA is a forum for Family get-together.
5. IMA is a forum for Family protection.
6. IMA is a forum for Professional protection.
7. IMA is a forum for Fighting Quackery.
8. IMA is a forum which is recognized National & Internationally.
9. IMA is a forum for Peace of mind.
10. IMA offers Health Insurance.
11. IMA offers Bio Medical Waste sdisposal project.
12. IMA always protects your rights if you are right.

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