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The necessity of having a common platform for the academic, social and professional activities amongst practitioners of modern systems of medicine was felt in the thirties. On 17th June 1939, about 10 of then convened a meeting and formally reserved to from a “Jaipur Medical Association ” with late Dr. Bhola Nath as President and Dr. Tara Shankar Mathur as its Hon. Secretary. This fact is borne out by the inscriptions on the boards displayed at the Jaipur Medical Association Hall.

In January 1944 Capt. S.K. Choudhary of Banaras, an active office-bearer of I.M.A. visited Jaipur. On his advice, the Medical Practitioner’s Society was affiliated to Indian Medical Association. The JAIPUR MEDICAL ASSOCIATION was thus born. This time late Dr. Jawala Prasad. Superintendent of the then Lady Willingdon Hospital was elected as the President and Dr. Tara Shankar Mathur was re-elected as the Hon. Secretary.

This Association enjoyed patronage of Maharaja Sawai Man Singh, the then ruler of Jaipur, Sir Mirza Ismail the then Prime Minister of Jaipur and Dr. J.G. Bobinson, Director of Medical & Health Services of the State. Under the above mentioned leaders, 32 members were enrolled which was a remarkable achievement of that time.

The period 1944-46 was the golden period of the Jaipur Medical Association. It was granted the singular honor of its representation in the Jaipur State Legislative Assembly. Dr. Tara Shankar enjoyed the privilege of being the nominee of the Medical Association.

In March 1949 while inaugurating the annual function of the Association Sir Mirza Ismail acceded to the request of Dr. Heiling by sanctioning a building for the Jaipur Medical Association. The present J.M.A. building was then constructed at a cost of Rs. 50,000/- and a liberal co-operation of State P.W.D. The building was later on furnished at a cost of about 5,000/- granted by Govt. as a result of the efforts of its erstwhile President Dr. S.C. Mehta. It was inaugurated on Sunday 16 March, 1947 by The Prime Minister Rao Bohadur Sir V.T. Krishnamachari & was blessed personally by late Dr. Jivraj Mehta the famous physician Politician. During the sad days following the partition of the country the Association played a very active part by joining the local Municipal Council for rendering Medical and Health Services in all the refugee camps. At the 56th anniversary session of the Indian National Congress held at Jaipur in 1948, the Jaipur Medical Association organized a central camp hospital with Col R.M. Kasliwal as President, Dr. Tara Shankar Mathur as Secretary and Dr. S.C. Mehta as the Superintendent of the camp hospital. It was at the second anniversary of the Jaipur Medical Association held in March, 1946 that the proposal to organize the Rajasthan State Branch of I.M.A. was raised

The silver jubilee of the Jaipur Medical Association was celebrated along with holding of VI Rajasthan Medical Conference at Jaipur on 21st, 22nd & 23rd Feb..1964. Now with increasing membership up to more then 1200 by 2010 introduction of specialization it become an important forum to promote brotherhood amongst the members of the Medical Profession as a whole.
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